On a hot summer day at one of the greatest music festivals in the nation...

Alex and Kyle bump into each other. Now engaged, they bring their story back to where it began, with a photoshoot right in the center of Dover, Delaware.

Those local to Dover probably know about Silver Lake Park. It’s not exactly the prettiest location ever. However, Alex and Kyle definitely brought the magic with them that day because the park lit up with a beauty that I have never seen before.

I’ve known Kyle for most of my life, he’s always been a very close friend of mine. Seeing how happy Alex makes him is amazing to witness.

We had shot early in the morning to capture the sun’s golden light, and there were some blooming flowers adding a beautiful pink hue. Early spring photoshoots have the benefit of these vibrant flowers, and we definitely took advantage.

Just as the trees are showing off their personality with those flowers, Kyle and Alex showed off their personalities with their Boston vs. Philly baseball gear. I love when my clients bring in outfit changes and props to add that special touch to their photos!

I think my favorite moment from the shoot was when Alex showed off her strength by carrying Kyle around, lifting him up on her shoulders, and dipping him. It’s clear that they’re head over heels for each other, and I’m super thankful to be able to capture that love in photos. I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for these two!

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