How to Access Your Photos

First off, thank you again for choosing me to be your photographer! I truly am grateful to be able to photograph your special moments. Make sure you read through this entire message to know how to access your photos, how to download them, and where you can print them! 

Where to find your photos

You can find your gallery at

Your gallery is password protected for your privacy, you should have received a message from me with your unique password!

How to download your photos

Downloads on my website work differently whether you are on a computer or on a mobile device. Read on to find out how to download on your specific device.


  • If you are viewing your collection on a computer, you can download the entire gallery at once by clicking on the download button at the top of the page, or you can download each photo individually by clicking on the photo you want, and then clicking download.


  • If you are viewing your collection on your phone or tablet, you cannot download the entire gallery at once due to differences between iOS and Android. To download the photos you want, start by tapping on a photo and tap the download icon. You may be prompted to enter your email. Select “My Device”. A new page will open up with the full resolution photo - tap and hold on the photo, then tap on save image. The photo should be saved to your camera roll.
  • Please be sure not to screenshot the photos from the website. Although screenshotting may be a faster way to get your photos, the resolution will not be high quality. If you intend to share the photos to social media or print them, you will want the highest quality possible to prevent blurriness and pixilation - properly downloading each photo ensures that you will receive the highest quality.

How to share your photos

There are two main ways you can share your photos. Either by clicking on the “share” button on the gallery itself, or by directly downloading the photos you want and sharing them to social media. Read on for info on how to share your photos with each of these techniques.

Sharing directly from your gallery:

  • You can share either your entire gallery or a specific photo directly in Pixieset by using their “share” feature. This can be accomplished by clicking on the share icon in the top right corner of the screen. Why would you want to use this feature?
  • It gets rid of the need to download photos to your device, which saves time and storage space.
  • Images are shared at full quality automatically.
  • It retains your privacy - guests viewing your shared photo will have access to only the photos you share.
  • It avoids accidentally editing an image while posting to social media.

Sharing using downloaded photos:

  • Once you download your photos, you are free to share them to whatever social media platform you like! However, when sharing your photos, there are always some best practices to follow to ensure your photos retain high quality. When you share your photos, make sure you:
  • Do not crop your photos. This can be especially important on Instagram, which defaults crops to a square or 4x5 image. If you are sharing multiple photos to Instagram in an album, make sure that the photos all have the same crop so that nothing gets cut off in the post.
  • Do not edit your photos. Sometimes those Instagram filters can be enticing - but please do not edit your photos. By editing a photo, it is no longer a true representation of my work.
  • Check your connection. Sharing photos to social media can take a strong internet connection. If you are in a spotty location or your signal is weak, photos may not upload at full quality, or may fail to upload entirely.
  • If you want, you can always give me a shoutout. This is up to you, but the majority of my clients are found through word-of-mouth! Simply by tagging me in your post can help me grow tremendously, and I would greatly appreciate it!

Where to print

  • You are free to use any print service you would like, however I highly recommend printing through the store linked in your gallery! The print service I can offer is a much higher quality than you can get from a grocery or office supplies store.
  • To access the print store, start by clicking on a photo you would like to print.
  • If you are on your computer, click on “Buy Photo” in the top right corner of the screen.
  • If you are on mobile, tap on the bag icon in the top right.
  • There are many customizable options for printing through my online store. You can choose your own style of paper, go big with a canvas or wall art, or even order custom cards for weddings, holidays, graduations, or anything else! If you need help navigating the store, let me know and we can go through it together!

I hope that I have exceeded your expectations, and that we can work together again in the future! If you would like to leave a review, you can do so on my Facebook page, I would greatly appreciate it!