From the engagement to the wedding...

I am so thankful to have been able to document Angelie and Joel's love for each other.

They started their photography journey at Longwood Gardens. When I pitched the idea, they were immediately on board as they were members of the garden and had been there multiple times within the last three months. It was super busy with the holiday event going on, but we were still able to find secluded spots to take photos.

Longwood Gardens might just be my favorite location of all time. Growing up, I never really knew how special this place really is. I saw online once that Longwood is one of the largest botanical gardens in the entire WORLD and I just remember thinking to myself, "what? No way", but after travelling all over the country and visiting some of the best gardens around, I can say that Longwood Gardens takes the cake.

Angelie and Joel's engagement shoot was actually my first time ever using my 24-70mm L Series lens from Canon. I had ordered it right after the new year, and on the day of the shoot it had yet to arrive. I was stressing so bad because I wanted to use it but I didn't know if it was going to get to me in time. But then, three hours before the photoshoot, I got a knock on the front door, and there it was.

To test this lens out we also did some videography for their engagement. We created a short 1-minute video to celebrate and share the date of their wedding.

A 1-minute celebration video for Angelie and Joel's engagement.

After exploring some of the gardens, we went inside the conservatory and managed to find a few spots without anyone else around. I love these photos because of how great the colors blend together. Angelie and Joel's neutral outfits and the faded greens of the plants mesh so well.

As the sun started to set we headed out to the meadow to take the last few photos. We definitely got our steps in during this photoshoot, and I think it was well worth it.

The Wedding.

Angelie and Joel's wedding was one of the most amazing wedding experiences I've had as a photographer.

Through our meetings we had everything planned out and knew exactly what to expect coming into it. We started out the day getting photos of the guys. I got to meet Tyler, Mike, Connor, Chris, and Rob, who were all super funny and up for anything.

After spending time with the guys, I drove over to Angelie's place and met up with the girls, meeting Alexis, Jennifer, Kandiss, Charlize, and Shelby, along with Angelie's family. They were ready to rock and roll when I got there, which is the best thing to find.

Preparing for the ceremony, I met back up with the guys at Life House Church in Townsend. We had about 10 minutes to spare, so we went out to the Church's field and took some groomsmen photos.


Guests were filling in the auditorium of the Church. I start taking photos of the guests, the stage, and the decorations, when I hear some familiar music. I turn and see their engagement video playing on the projector screens! I had no idea they were going to do that, and it warmed my heart to know they loved that video and wanted to share it with their friends and family.

Seeing the raw emotion and excitement on everyone's face as the wedding party starts coming down the aisle is a feeling that will never get old.

Something very unique and very special about Angelie and Joel's wedding was when they had washed each other's feet. The symbolism behind this is so sweet. They showcase not only their love for one another, but also the respect, honor, and devotion they have to themselves and to their faith. It is a humility of soul that was breathtaking to witness.

And that's a wrap.

Angelie and Joel, it's time for your next adventure.

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